Welcome to Luki’s!

Your new home!

3 minutes from A22/S1 Exit Korneuburg West.
Only 900 meters away from S3 station Leobendorf.

Short history of the house: Luki’s looks back to a long and turbulent gastronomic history. In the end it was “Luki’s” restaurant and we decided to keep this name after we bought and totally renovated the house.

The allocation of the seven parking spaces to the seven TOPS is as follows (the number of the parking stands for the number of the TOP, i.e. parking space 1 = parking space of TOP 1) and each TOP has its own parking space.

The allocation of the individual cellar compartments to the seven TOPS is as follows (the number T1 stands for TOP 1 etc.):

The house is centrally heated with gas and the heating costs are allocated to each flat per square meter, i.e. the operating costs shown include the estimated heating costs per year converted into the monthly operating costs.